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Holding Hands

Culture Life Supportive Services (CLSS) is a State of Oklahoma 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our primary focus is veterans, ex-offenders, victims of domestic violence, and other “hard-to-place” individuals who are facing homelessness.


Our founder Johnny Mixon saw firsthand how homelessness and lack of support and resources can damage a person's progress in life. Some time ago, Mr. Mixon was wrongfully accused of a felony charge. He won the case, however, it took TEN YEARS to be taken off his record. While fighting to clear his name he couldn't find employment or housing which forced him to become homeless. He decided to take his life into his own hands and create an employment opportunity for himself. He started a cleaning company called "Boy Blue Cleaning". This positioned him to negotiate with landlords to provide him housing, however, he had to deal with slumlords who didn't offer the best living environments. After journeying down this path and finally getting his life back, Mr. Mixon desired to be a guide for others who may have similar situations and offer programs to help them overcome the obstacles they will face with urgency.

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